4. The study of ferroelectric thin films on silicon substrates

S. A. Muravov1, N. A. Gordiyko2, A. T. Bogorosh3, A. Bubulis4, S. A. Voronov5

1, 2, 3, 5Department of Applied Physics, National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”,
03224, Kiev, Peremogy av. 37, Ukraine

4Kaunas University of Technology, K. Donelaičio 73, LT-44312 Kaunas, Lithuania

4Corresponding author

E-mail: 4algimantas.bubulis@ktu.lt

(Received 29 December 2012; accepted 4 March 2013)

Abstract. In recent years, intensive development of field-effect transistors on metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor for use, as non-volatile memory elements. The principle of operation of these devices is as follows. Ferroelectric film contains a large number of domains, having a certain vector of electric polarization. Total polarization of the individual domains gives spontaneous (spontaneous) polarization film (non-zero resultant dipole moment per unit volume of the sample). Module and spatial orientation of the spontaneous polarization can be changed under the influence of an external electric field. In strong fields, the film becomes a single-domain. The application of a strong electric field in opposite directions on a certain part of the surface can lead to a reversal of the ferroelectric domains of the film within this area that lends itself to registration. Thus, the effect of polarization in ferroelectric films allows you to create non-volatile memory devices, data carriers which are the domain reversal. These devices have several advantages over traditionally used magnetic and optical data carriers. The purpose of this paper is to study the possibility of using ferroelectric films of complex oxides deposited on original technology on a silicon substrate as a recording media storage devices for external storage.

Keywords: ferroelectric films, silicon substrates, monitored by interferometer.


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