22. Modern trends in diagnostics of technical condition of material handling equipment drives

Andrzej Wieczorek1, Rafał Burdzik2, Piotr Folęga3, Łukasz Konieczny4

1Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Gliwice, Poland

2, 3, 4Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport, Gliwice, Poland

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1andrzej.n.wieczorek@polsl.pl, 2rafal.burdzik@polsl.pl, 3piotr.folega@polsl.pl, 4lukasz.konieczny@polsl.pl

(Received 2 September 2013; accepted 7 September 2013)

Abstract. This study presents problems of material handling equipment drives as objects of vibration diagnostics, as well as the concept of sensors integrated with a surface exposed to damage on an example of a DiaForce sensor integrated with the surface of the inner race of a rolling bearing according to the solution proposed by Fraunhofer Institute in Braunschweig.

Keywords: vibration, diagnostics, bearings, sensor.


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