30. Parts placement and orientation on metal sheet influence analysis in punching processes

Inga Skiedraitė1, Alvydas Kondratas2

1Kaunas University of Technology, Kęstučio st. 27-319, LT-44312 Kaunas, Lithuania

2Kaunas University of Technology, K. Donelaičio st. 73, LT-44029 Kaunas, Lithuania

1Corresponding author

E-mail: 1inga.skiedraite@ktu.lt, 2alvydas.kondratas@ktu.lt

(Received 26 November 2012; accepted 5 December 2013)

Abstract. The analysis of parts’ placement and orientation influence during punching process on the treated pieces quality was performed by analyzing practically the parts’ – fixing element’s layout, cutting, and bending processes. The possibilities to improve the performance of punching process and treated pieces quality by analysis of tools vibrations influence were theoretically performed there too.

Keywords: bending, calibrating, rolling, punching, punching force, vibrations.


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