31. Parameters’ changing influence with different lateral stiffnesses on nonlinear analysis of hunting behavior of a bogie

Reza Serajian

Department of Mechanical Engineering, KNT University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

E-mail: reza.serajian@yahoo.com

(Received 15 April 2013; accepted 6 December 2013)

Abstract. Conventionally a railway vehicle has stable motion in low speeds, when it reaches to high speeds stability changes to unstable form. The main purpose of this article is to show the authors' view of analytical investigation of bifurcation, nonlinear lateral stability and hunting behavior of rail vehicles in a tangent track. The paper includes nonlinear primary yaw dampers, and flange contact and also bogie existence. This study contains Bogoliubov method for the analysis. Linear and nonlinear critical speeds are obtained, and changing parameters' effect in differing the speeds with altered lateral stiffness in primary suspension system has been studied. General works about hunting phenomenon show that nonlinear critical speed is less than linear one.

Keywords: bifurcation, critical speed, nonlinear, hunting, Bogoliubov method.


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