647.  FRF based substructuring and decoupling of substructures                  

          Eun - Taik Lee, Hee - Chang Eun

648.  Measurement of trajectories of piezoelectric actuators with laser Doppler vibrometer

          V. Grigaliūnas, G. Balčiūnas, A.Vilkauskas

649.  The influence of parameters of consecutive speed control humps on the chaotic vibration of a 2 – DOF nonlinear vehicle model

Shan Liang, Conggang Li, Qin Zhu, Qingyu Xiong

650.  Effect of vacancy defect on natural vibrations of a single walled carbon nanotube as ultrahigh nanoresonators

Ardeshir Karami Mohammadi, Mojtaba Amjadipoor

651.  Investigation of grain separation through straw layer over oscillating screen

D. Steponavičius, E. Jotautienė, S. Petkevičius, V. Butkus

652.  Effect of physical nonlinearity on bending vibrations of elements of packages

A. Dabkevičius, E. Kibirkštis, L. Gegeckienė, V. Bivainis, L. Ragulskis

653.  Condition monitoring with signal processing in wind turbines                 

Secil Varbak Nese, Osman Kilic, Tahir Cetin Akinci

654.  Measurement and comparison of energy of mechanical vibrations absorbed by humans

V. Fliegel, R. Martonka, J. Petrik

655.  A non-parametric hysteresis model for magnetorheological dampers

Ardeshir Karami Mohammadi, Mohammad Sheibani

656.  The influence of surface layer on the surface fatigue strength of cast iron EN-GJSF

Stanisław Laber

657.  Tribological properties of cast iron conditioned by a technological surface layer and material microstructure

Alicja Laber

658.  Frequency – based crack identification for static beam with rectangular cross – section

B. Li, Z. J. He

659.  Comparative studies of computation tools for moving force identification

Qiong You, Zhiyu Shi, S. S. Law

660.  Vibrations of elements of packages with supplementary stiffening bio-degradable strips

A. Kabelkaitė - Lukoševičė, E. Kibirkštis, V. Bivainis, V. Miliūnas, L. Ragulskis

661.  Influence of photogrammetric dynamic movements of non – metric camera on the accuracy results in digital images processing

Jūratė Sužiedelytė - Visockienė, Aušra Pranskevičiūtė

662.  Nonlinear ultrasonic test using PZT transducer for crack detection in metallic component

Yongming Feng, Li Zhou

663.  Devices for position detection 

D. Vybiral, M. Augustynek, M. Penhaker

664.  Dynamic processes of a vehicle moving over step – shaped obstacles            

A. Dargužis, J. Sapragonas, K. Pilkauskas

665.  Dynamic response of an embedded railway track subjected to a moving load

J. H. Zou, W. X. Feng, H. B. Jiang

666.  Controllable vibro – protective system for the driver seat of a multi – axis vehicle

A. Bubulis, G. Reizina, E. Korobko, V. Bilyk, V. Efremov

667.  Design and research of a laser trainer with all the functions of the G – 36

A. Fedaravičius, L. Patašienė, M. Ragulskis, E. Sližys, A. Survila

668.  Improved smoothing procedure for determination of stresses in the coating of a vibrating beam

J. Ragulskienė, B. Spruogis, R. Maskeliūnas, L. Zubavičius

669.  A model of a thermal feedback in a biological object taking into account the processes of thermal self-regulation and their dynamics

J. I. Džežeria, B. I. Kotovskij, V. A. Yurčiuk, N. Višniakov, A. Šešok

670.  Numerical study of cantilevers with non-uniform width for enhancing the performance of vibration-driven micropower generator based on piezoelectric conversion

R. Daukševičius, G. Kulvietis, V. Ostaševičius, I. Milašauskaitė

671.  Study of the process of interaction between low-frequency ultrasound and biological tissue phantoms

A. Bubulis, V. Jūrėnas, V. T. Minchenya, D. A. Stepanenko, I. Borovskaja, D. V. Chizh

672.  Some problems of nonlinear precise vibromechanics and vibroengineering (summary)

Kazimieras Ragulskis


Kazimieras Ragulskis – 85 anniversary