673. Parametric synthesis of rod spatial vibroisolation system under arbitrarily directed external disturbance

A. M. Gouskov, E. A. Korovaytseva, G. Ya. Panovko, A. E. Shokhin

674. A neuro-detector based on the cybernetic concepts for fault detection in electric motors

Serhat Seker, Emel Onal, Tayfun Kaynas, Tahir Cetin Akinci

675. The vibrations of microbeams and nanotubes

J. Avsec

676. Nonlinear vibrational analysis of diesel valve gear

J. Avsec, Z. Praunseis, M. Marčič

677. Nonlinear free vibration analysis of tapered beams by hamiltonian approach

M. Bayat, I. Pakar

678. Vibration analysis and control in linear switched reluctance motor

N. C. Lenin, R. Arumugam

679. Cutting tool vibration in the metal cutting process

         V. Gutakovskis, G. Bunga, G. Pikurs

680. Development of plough using finite element method

G. Janušas, A. Palevičius, R. Palevičius, D. Gintauskas

681. Design of elastomeric shock absorbers with a “soft” stiffness characteristics of type “force-settlement”

V. Gonca, J. Shvab

682. Capturing of FePt nanoparticles in a stream of a liquid

K. Šileika, W. Murata, E. Dragašius

683. Design and analysis of a ducted fan UAV

Hongming Cai, Haisong Ang

684. Remote sensing of vibration on induction motor and spectral analysis             

Ö. Yılmaz

685. On the performance of superposition window

Yanxue Wang, Jiawei Xiang, Zhanshi Jiang, Lianfa Yang

686. The construction of one-dimensional Daubechies wavelet-based finite elements for structural response analysis

Bing Li, Cao Hongrui, Zhengjia He

687. Residual vibration reduction in low damping systems. Generation of regular piecewise algebraic polynomial inputs

          J. M. Veciana, S. Cardona

688. Control of piezoelectric scanner dynamics using magnetorheological fluid

         R. Bansevičius, A. Bubulis, E. Dragašius, V. Jūrėnas, V. Mačiukienė, S. Navickaitė

689. Analysis of acoustic field in the cylindrical shape with membrane

V. Doroševas

690. Passive optimal tool structures for vibration cutting

         V. Ostasevičius, R. Gaidys, V. Gylienė, V. Jūrėnas, V. Daniulaitis, A. Liepinaitis

691. Dynamic analysis of preload nonlinearity in nonlinear beam vibration

         Hamid M. Sedighi , Arash Reza, Jamal Zare

692. Verification of active controlled air spring model

M. Sivčák, J. Škoda

693. A study for safety design of electrical machines considering human behavior

         M. Okada, S. Toyama

694. Development of spherical ultrasonic motor for pipe inspection robot

         S. Toyama, M. Hoshina

695. Finite element model of MEMS accelerometer for accurate prediction of dynamic characteristics in biomechanical applications

         V. Benevičius, V. Ostaševičius, M. Venslauskas, R. Daukševičius, R. Gaidys

696.  Dynamic flexibility of the supported-clamped beam in transportation

S. Żółkiewski

697. Testing composite materials connected in bolt joints

S. Żółkiewski

698. Research of dynamic characteristics of piezoelectric actuator used in flow control device

         R. P. Bansevičius, R. Rimašauskienė, M. Rimašauskas

699. Modeling wave propagation through an analytical surface model

         J. I. Real, C. Zamorano, L. Montalbán

700. Investigation of static balance before and after physical activity

         A. Kilikevičius, J. Griškevičius, P. Tamošauskas,V. Morkūnienė, D. Višinskienė

701. Physiological factors in the stability of body posture

         A. Kilikevičius, J. Griškevičius, P. Tamošauskas, V. Morkūnienė, D. Višinskienė

702. Investigation of attraction force and vibration of a slipper in a tactile device with electromagnet

Arūnas Žvironas, Marius Gudauskis

703. A semi-analytical approach for the response of nonlinear conservative systems

A. Kimiaeifar, A. Barari, M. Fooladi, E. Rokni, O. Zainali

704.  Effect of epoxy and polyurethane coating modification with nanofillers on their resistance to erosive wear

Danuta Kotnarowska, Michał Przerwa, Małgorzata Wojtyniak

705. Influence of erosive particles impact energy on epoxy coatings wear intensity

         Andrzej Kotnarowski, Grzegorz Wronka

706. Modeling of the interaction between the damaged construction and acoustical environment

         R. Mikalauskas, V. Volkovas

707. Non-destructive identification of vibrations of cardboard boxes

         A. Dabkevičius, N. Naginevičiūtė, E. Kibirkštis

708. Simple friction model of the guiding device of a mechanical system: mass, spring and damper

         B. Janecek, V. Kracik, J. Skliba, Z. Herda, M. Marek, J. Buchta


         Book Review: Modeling of vibroacoustic processes in pipe systems.

         Book Authors: A. B. Prokofiev, E. V. Shahmatov. Reviewer: R. Jonušas