Special Issue on Mechatronic Systems (Problems of Vibroengineering)

Numbers of Publications 765-781

Egidijus Dragašius


765. Frequency domain identification of the active 3D mechanical structure for the vibration control system

         Andrzej Piotr Koszewnik, Zdzisław Gosiewski

766. Method of active synthesis of discrete fixed mechanical systems

         Andrzej Dymarek, Tomasz Dzitkowski

767. The concept of transducer for detection of trackway surface condition basing on frictional coupling of wheel with a rail and its experimental verification

Andrzej Niedworok, Andrzej Baier, Łukasz Orzech

768. Determining the torsional natural frequency of underframe of off-road vehicle with use of the procedure of operational modal analysis

Krzysztof Jamroziak, Mariusz Kosobudzki

769. Wood products automatic identification based on fingerprint method

Ahti Pőlder, Märt Juurma, Mart Tamre

770. Aeroelastic self-oscillations of gas seal wall

Joury Temis, Alexey Selivanov

771. Ultrasonic systems for liquid pulverizer

P. Vasiljev

772. A study of selected properties in high dispersion padding welds produced in machine elements

Wojciech Napadłek , Agnieszka Laber

773. Investigation of dissipative properties of liquid crystalline lubricant layer

Vadim Mokšin, Artūras Kilikevičius, Vladas Vekteris

774. Tribological adhesion of particles in acoustic field

Vladas Vekteris, Vytautas Striška, Vadim Mokšin, Darius Ozarovskis, Rolandas Zaremba 

775. Introduction to synthesis of the torsional vibrating discrete-continuous mechatronic systems by means of the hypergraphs and structural numbers method

Andrzej Buchacz

776. Correlation between shape errors in flat grinding

M. Deja

777.  Active synthesis of machine drive systems using a comparative method

Tomasz Dzitkowski, Andrzej Dymarek

778. Kelvin Voigt’s model of single piezoelectric plate

Andrzej Wróbel

779. Structural determinants maximising wear resistance of friction joints

Wojciech Żurowski

780. Biomedical signal identification and analysis

Agata Nawrocka, Andrzej Kot, Marcin Nawrocki

781. Synthesis as designing of mechatronic vibrating mixed systems

Andrzej Buchacz, Damian Gałęziowski

782. Analysis of the vertical vibration effects on ride comfort of vehicle driver

Aziz Sezgin, Yunus Ziya Arslan

783. Comparison of the mechanical properties of flax and glass fiber composite materials

Garip Genc, Ali El Hafidi, Papa Birame Gning

784. Combustion variability and uniqueness in cylinders of a large power radial engine

Michal Gęca, Miroslaw Wendeker, Grzegorz Litak

785. Bond graph-based analysis of energy conversion in vibration-piezoelectricity coupling and its application to a cantilever vibration energy harvester

Chuan Li, Daewoong Hong, Kwang-Ho Kwon, Jaehwa Jeong

786. Parameter identification of aircraft thin-walled structures using incomplete measurements

Tengfei Mu, Li Zhou, Yong Yang, Jann N. Yang

787. A joint stiffness identification method based on finite element modeling and frequency response functions

Hongrui Cao, Bing Li, Zhengjia He

788. A new density estimation neural network to detect abnormal condition in streaming data

Qing Zhang, Jing Wang, Guanghua Xu

789. Simulation and analysis of blood flow in bypass grafts with a cuff

Donatas Lukšys, Andžela Šešok

790. FRF-based model updating using SMURF technique

E. Jamshidi, M. R. Ashory, A. Ghoddosian, N. Nematipoor

791. A hybrid frequency response function formulation for MDOF nonlinear systems

E. Jamshidi, M. R. Ashory, A. Ghoddosian, N. Nematipoor

792. Experimental studies of stabilization of boring cutter form – building top oscillation

M. R. Sikhimbaev, K. Т. Sherov, О. М. Zharkevich, А. K. Sherov, Yu. О. Тkachyova

793. Instantaneous frequency identification of a time varying structure using wavelet-based state-space method

X. Xu, Z. Y. Shi, S. L. Long

794. Characterization of mechanical properties by inverse technique for composite reinforced by knitted fabric. Part 1. Material modeling and direct experimental evaluation of mechanical properties

O. Kononova, A. Krasnikovs, G. Kharkova, J. Zalesky, E. Machanovsky

795. Characterization of mechanical properties by inverse technique for composite reinforced by knitted fabric. Part 2. Experimental evaluation of mechanical properties by frequency eigenvalues method

A. Krasnikovs, O. Kononova, A. Machanovskis, V. Zaharevskis, P. Akishins, S. Ruchevskis

796. Impact of anti-intrusion beam effectiveness on reducing fatalities and injuries of vehicle occupants

E. Černiauskas, A. Keršys, V. Lukoševičius, R. Skvireckas

797. Research of lateral vibrations of a passenger wagon running along the curved path

R. Skvireckas, A. Keršys, R. Keršys, V. Lukoševičius

798. Correlation of shear-wave velocities and cone resistance of quaternary glacial sandy soils defined by Seismic Cone Penetration Test (SCPT)

S. Gadeikis, K. Dundulis, G. Žaržojus, S. Gadeikytė, D. Urbaitis, D. Gribulis, S. Šliaupa

799. Hopf bifurcation and stability analysis of flexible rotor-bearing system

Ji Feng, Yang Jinfu, Yuan Xiaoyang

800. Vibrations, stability and compression of elements of packages made from corrugated board

A. Dabkevičius, K. Ragulskis, L. Gegeckienė, E. Kibirkštis, N. Buškuvienė, L. Ragulskis

801. A new method for building risk level estimation under dynamic load

J. Vaičiūnas, V. Doroševas

802. Modifying the brake drum geometry to avoid self-excited vibrations and noise

Pevec Miha, Vranešević Darko, Oder Grega, Potrč Iztok, Šraml Matjaž

803. An adaptive lifting scheme and its application in rolling bearing fault diagnosis

Hongkai Jiang, Chendong Duan

804. Incipient defect identification in rolling bearings using adaptive lifting scheme packet

Hongkai Jiang, Yina He, Pei Yao

805. Propagation of weak waves in the inhomogeneous elastoviscoplastic medium with a cell structure

A. Bubulis, A. V. Chigarev, V. S. Polenov, V. T. Minchenya

806. Research on the performance of buffer for landing gear based on the drop test

Xue Caijun, Xue Xiuli, Qi Wengang

807. Wavelet transform and current signature analysis for welding machine measurement

Ramazan Caglar

808. Development of a system to obtain vertical track geometry measuring axle-box accelerations from in-service trains

J. I. Real, L. Montalbán, T. Real, V. Puig

809. Geometry optimization of double wishbone suspension system via genetic algorithm for handling improvement

Amir Afkar, Mehdi Mahmoodi-Kaleibar, Amin Paykani

810. Vibration condition monitoring of planetary gears based on decision level data fusion using Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence

Meghdad Khazaee, Hojat Ahmadi, Mahmoud Omid, Ashkan Moosavian, Majid Khazaee

811. Frequency analysis of chatter vibrations in tandem rolling mills

Mohammad Reza Niroomand, Mohammad Reza Forouzan, Mahmoud Salimi, Mohsen Kafil

812. Effective reduction of stiffness at peak frequency in hydraulic engine mounts by using magneto-rheological fluids

reza tikani, saeed ziaei-rad, nader vahdati

813. Analysis of vibrations in a modeled ballasted track using measured rail defects

J. I. Real, T. Asensio, L. Montalbán, C. Zamorano

814. Fault diagnosis of main engine journal bearing based on vibration analysis using Fisher linear discriminant, K-nearest neighbor and support vector machine

Ashkan Moosavian, Hojat Ahmadi, Ahmad Tabatabaeefar

815. Investigation of straw layer movement over the walker surface

D. Steponavičius

816. Bearings coefficients effects on chaotic and bifurcation behavior of flexible rotor systems subjected to rub-impact

H. M. Khanlo, M. Ghayour, S. Ziaei-Rad


Book Review: Methods and Means of Nonlinear Vibrodiagnostics

Book Authors: S. Tsyfansky, V. Beresnevich, B. Lushnikov

Reviewer: R. Maskeliūnas