Special Issue on Advances in Dynamics and Vibration Engineering

Numbers of Publications 817-840

Yunn-Lin Hwang, Wen-Hsiang Hsieh


817. Free vibration of transversely isotropic magneto-electro-elastic plates in contact with fluid

         Tai-Ping Chang

818. Free flexural vibrations of a piezoelectric bimorph plate with periodic edge conditions

         Pilkee Kim, Jeehyun Jung, Jongwon Seok

819. Nonlinear vibration of fluid-conveying double-walled carbon nanotubes under random material property

         Tai-Ping Chang

820. Numerical simulation research of vortex-induced vibrations of the long circular cylinders with high mass-ratio

         Jie Li Fan, Wei Ping Huang

821. Study on analysis method for deepwater TTR coupled vibration of parameter vibration and vortex-induced vibration

         Wu Xue-min, Huang Wei-ping

822. Non-iterative mode shape expansion for three-dimensional structures based on coordinate decomposition

        Fushun Liu, Zhengshou Chen, Wei Li

823. Finite element model updating of micromachined torsion structures using experimental eigendata

        Wei-Hsin Gau, Kun-Nan Chen, Yunn-Lin Hwang

824. Numerical model of journal bearing lubrication considering a bending stiffness effect

        Juhwan Choi, Seong Su Kim, Sungsoo Rhim, Jin Hwan Choi

825. Evaluation of the natural draught cooling tower shell using linearly and non-linearly numerical analysis

        Sam-Young Noh, Sang-Yun Lee

826. Seismic analysis of the condensate storage tank in a nuclear power plant

        Wei-Ting Lin, Meng-Hsiu Hsieh, Yuan-Chieh Wu, Chin-Cheng Huang

827. Influence of concave groove on transmission of blasting vibration wave

        Iau-Teh Wang, Chin-Yu Lee

828. Piecewise exact solution of nonlinear momentum conservation equation with unconditional stability for time increment

         Changhwan Jang, Hyoseob Kim, Sokhwan Choi, Jinho Kim

829. An adaptive method for inertia force identification in cantilever under moving mass

         Qiang Chen, Minzhuo Wang, Hao Yan, Haonan Ye, Guolai Yang

830. Nonlinear dynamic characteristics of SMA simply supported beam in axial stochastic excitation

        Zhi-Wen Zhu, Wen-Ya Xie, Jia Xu

831. Experimental analysis of power harvesting on vehicle vibration using smart piezoelectric materials

        Yo-Wei Chang, Wen-Yeau Chang, Yao-Jung Shiao

832. Nonlinear vibration of rectangular plate under the parametric excitation

        Weijing Niu, Nianmei Zhang, Xiaopeng Yan, Guitong Yang

833. Establishment and safety evaluation of a flexible test platform for the vertical-axis wind turbine

        Sheam-Chyun Lin, Fu-Sheng Chuang, Harki Apri Yanto

834. Experimental and numerical investigation on the structural performance of the tensioning air beam system

        Ki-Youl Baek, Dae-Jin Kim, Junbok Lee

835. Numerical modelling and validation of light gauge steel top-seat flange-cleat connection

        Lee Yeong Huei, Tan Cher Siang, Mahmood Tahir, Shahrin Mohammad

836. Bridge scour evaluation based on ambient vibration

        Tzu-Kang Lin, Yen-Po Wang, Ming-Chih Huang, Chen-An Tsai

837. Dynamics of hybrid PM/EM electromagnetic valve in SI engines

        Yaojung Shiao, Ly Vinh Dat

838. Improved aerodynamic optimization for the design of wind turbine blades

        Hua-Wei Chi, Pey-Shey Wu, Kamiru Chen, Yue-Hua Jhuo, Hung-Yun Wu

839. Vibration analysis of geared rotor system under time varying mesh stiffness effects

        Ying-Chung Chen, Chung-Hao Kang, Siu-Tong Choi

840. Investigation of eigenvalue problem of water tower construction interacting with fluid

        Jiri Kala, Vlastislav Salajka, Petr Hradil

841. ANN prediction and RSM optimization of cutting process parameters in boring operations using impact dampers

        K. Ramesh, T. Alwarsamy, S. Jayabal

842. Identification of modal parameters from structural ambient responses using wavelet analysis

        Qingguo Fei, Xiaolin Han

843. Efficient modeling and simulations of Lamb wave propagation in thin plates by using a new spectral plate element

        Chunling Xu, Xinwei Wang

844. A quantitative study of the blade passing frequency noise of a centrifugal fan

        Jian-Cheng Cai, Da-Tong Qi

845. Application of incremental polymeric scales for high precision piezoelectric angular positioning system

        R. Bansevičius, I. Grybas, G. Janušas, A. Lazauskas, K. Malinauskas

846. Static and vibrational analysis of the GMAW and SMAW joints quality

        Giedrius Janušas, Audrius Jutas, Arvydas Palevičius, Darius Žižys, Arvydas Barila

847. Investigation of vibro-acoustic properties of modern lathe collet chuck

        A. Senkus, E. Jotautienė

848. Nonlinear free vibration analysis of the functionally graded beams

        H. Askari, D. Younesian, Z. Saadatnia, E. Esmailzadeh

849. Novel attitude control devices for CubeSat satellites

        Domantas Bručas, Ramutis Bansevičius, Aurelijus Domeika, Vidmantas Tomkus, Vytautas Bakanauskas

850. Design and numerical analysis of a novel coaxial rotorcraft UAV

       Liu Long, Ang Haisong, Ge Xun

851. Entropy-based fault detection approach for motor vibration signals under accelerated aging process


852. Study of characteristic variations of high-speed spindles induced by centrifugal expansion deformations

       Hongrui Cao, Tomas Holkup, Xuefeng Chen, Zhengjia He

853. Analytical model to determine fundamental frequency of free vibration of perforated plate by using unit step functions to express non-homogeneity

        Kiran D. Mali, Pravin M. Singru

854. Synchronization of a chaotic gyroscopic system under settling time constraints

        K. Bousson

855. 3D holographic visualization of vibrations of cylindrical piezoceramic transducers

        K. Ragulskis, R. Vasiliauskas, L. Patašienė, A. Fedaravičius

856. Machine performance assessment based on integrated signal redundancy and bootstrap technique

        Guangrui Wen, Xiaoni Dong, Yuhe Liao, Tingting Wu

857. Experimental study for structural damage identification with incomplete measurements

        Rui Li, Li Zhou, Jann N. Yang

858. Structural health monitoring (SHM) for composite structure undergoing tensile and thermal testing

        F. Mustapha, K. D. Mohd Aris, N. A. Wardi, M. T. H. Sultan, A. Shahrjerdi

859. Analytical framework for analyzing brake squeal noise using assumed-modes approach

        Bashir Behjat, Amir Afkar, Ali Banan-Nojavani, Amin Paykani

860. Criteria of evaluating initial model for effective dynamic model updating

        Qingguo Fei, Jifeng Ding, Xiaolin Han, Dong Jiang

861. Iterative method for frequency updating of simple vibrating system

        M. R. Tabeshpour

862. Optimal design and experimental verification of a spherical-wheel composite robot with automatic transformation system

        Kang Hou, Hanxu Sun, Qingxuan Jia

863. Development of a finite element model of the sailplane fuselage

        M. Andrikaitis, A. Fedaravičius

864. Energy analysis of multiple-cracked Euler-Bernoulli beam

        Amin Ghadami, Ameneh Maghsoodi, Hamid Reza Mirdamadi

865. Investigation of vibrations of a two phase material

         R. Maskeliūnas, P. Paškevičius, B. Spruogis, L. Zubavičius

866. Multiple inverse problem

        V. Royzman, A. Goroshko

867. Simulation of oscillation dynamics of vibroprotective system with the electrorheological shock-absorber

        E. Korobko, V. Bilyk, A. Bubulis, E. Dragašius

868. Experimental study of coupled dynamic and electric characteristics of piezoelectric energy harvester under variable resistive load

        R. Daukševičius, I. Milašauskaitė, V. Ostaševičius, V. Jurėnas, S. Mikuckytė

869. R&D of the device for blind to conceive 2D graphical information

        R. Bansevičius, E. Dragašius, D. Mažeika, V. Jūrėnas, I. Skiedraitė, A. Žvironas