Special Issue on Advances in Dynamics and Vibration Engineering

Numbers of Publications 870-881

Yunn-Lin Hwang, Wen-Hsiang Hsieh


870. Vibrational analysis of planetary gear trains by finite element method

         Pei-Yu Wang, Xuan-Long Cai

871. Acceleration improvement for coil winders of RRRCC type by variable input speed method

Wen-Hsiang Hsieh, Chih-Yang Tseng

872. Effects of muscular response for the intensity of vibratory stimulus applied on the ankle tendon

         Ha-Ju So, Seong-Hyun Kim, Dong-Wook Kim

873. Cogging torque and torque ripple reduction of a novel exterior-rotor geared motor

         Yi-Chang Wu, Yi-Cheng Hong

874. The squeeze film effect on micro-electromechanical resonators

Shih-Chieh Sun, Chi-Wei Chung, Chao-Ming Hsu, Jao-Hwa Kuang

875. Modeling the dynamic characteristics of human ossicles

Jen-Fang Yu, Ching-I Chen

876. LED heat sink and graphite heat sink process technology development with vibration cooling fluid characteristics

Shie-Chen Yang, Tsuo-Fei Mao, Tzer-Ming Jeng, Sheng-Chung Tzeng, Tzung-Ying Shie, Chih-Liang Chen, Po-Tsun Chen

877. Design and performance analysis of dual vibrating motors self synchronous shaker with balanced elliptical motion

Weibing Zhu, Heshun Wang, Lin Dong

878. Numerical simulation and analysis of the micro electrostatic device

Chin-Chia Liu

879. Dynamic evaluation of a mini train powered by the hybrid fuel cell

Bo-Wun Huang, Der-Ren Hsiao, Der-Fang Shiau, Jung-Ge Tseng

880. Interface dynamics of table tennis

Yu-Fen Chen, Te-Hua Fang

881. Evaluation of tip capacity analysis model for drilled shafts in gravelly soils

         Yit-Jin Chen, Maria Cecilia M. Marcos, Tsu-Hung Chu, Hao-Wei Wu

882. A method for estimation of critical stress intensity factor for welded sheet

        Zhang Junmiao, Nie Hong, Xue Caijun, Lin Hongzhi, Han Yu, Liang Heng

883. Relation between the railroad noise and the social-economic factors

Danielis Gužas

884. Self-synchronization theory of a dual mass vibrating system driven by two coupled exciters. Part 1: Theoretical analysis

Li He, Fu Shibo, Li Ye, Zhao Chunyu, Wen Bangchun

885. Self-synchronization theory of a dual mass vibrating system driven by two coupled exciters. Part 2: Numeric analysis

Li He, Fu Shibo, Li Ye, Zhao Chunyu, Wen Bangchun

886. Aeroacoustic noise reduction design of a landing gear structure based on wind tunnel experiment and simulation

Xue Caijun, Zheng Guang, Tang Wei, Long Shuangli

887. Fault diagnosis of antifriction bearings through sound signals using support vector machine

Hemantha Kumar, T. A. Ranjit Kumar, M. Amarnath, V. Sugumaran

888. A Lamb wave signal processing method for damage diagnosis in the plate structure

         Li Zhou, Yongming Feng

889.  Using combination of lifting wavelet and multiclass SVM based on global optimization class strategy for fault pattern identification

Guang-Ming Xian, Bi-Qing Zeng, Xiong-wen Pang, Qiao-yun Yun, Ying-wang Xiao, Ai-Yi Huang, Ying-Yi Ma, Xing-Chun Wu

890. Forecasting control of adjacent structures based on optimal grey model

L. H. Zou, K. Huang

891. Large structural impact localization based on multi-agent system

Dong Liang, Shenfang Yuan, Lei Qiu, Schmicker David, Jian Cai, Menglong LIU

892. An analytical approach to study the dynamic characteristic of beams carrying any type of attachments with arbitrary distributions under elastic constraint boundary supports

Zhi-Hong Liu, He-Ye Xiao

893. Experimental study of dynamic responses of casing deflection profile for blade rubbing classification

Lim Meng Hee, Leong M. S.

894. Analytical modeling of Lamb wave propagation in composite laminate bonded with piezoelectric actuator based on Mindlin plate theory

Xiaoyue Zhang, Shenfang Yuan, Menglong Liu, Weibo Yang

895. Combination resonance analysis of a multi-DOF controllable close-chain linkage mechanism system

Rugui Wang, Guanglin Shi, Ganwei Cai, Xiaorong Zhou

896. Study of railway ground vibrations caused by rail corrugation and wheel flat

J. I. Real, A. Galisteo, T. Asensio, L. Montalbán

897. Artificial neural network based classification of faults in centrifugal water pump

         Saeid Farokhzad, Hojjat Ahmadi, Ali Jaefari, Mohammad Reza Asadi Asad Abad, Mohammad Ranjbar Kohan

898. Modeling and simulation of variable inertia rotor

Valentinas Kartašovas, Vytautas Barzdaitis, Pranas Mažeika

899. The foot arch and viscoelastic properties of plantar fascia and Achilles tendon

         Raminta Sakalauskaitė, Danguolė Satkunskienė

900. Experimental research of vibrations of angle measurement comparator

A. Kasparaitis, A. Kilikevičius, A. Barakauskas, V. Mokšin

901. A new time synchronous average method for variable speed operating condition gearbox

Xining Zhang, Guangrui Wen, Tingting Wu

902.  Dynamic analysis and design guidelines of mechanical oscillators for cutting soil through vibrating tools

Dario Friso, Marco Bietresato

903.  Free vibration studies of functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic plates/shells by using solid-shell elements

         Zheng Shijie, Fen Yan, Wang Hongtao

904. Effects of friction in the system of vibration-isolation platform with gyroscopic stabilizer

J. Škoda

905. Tribological evaluation of nano-composite coatings in piezoelectric contact

J. Padgurskas, A. Kurtinaitis, A. Žunda, R. Rukuiža, A. Andriušis, A. Bubulis, V. Jankauskas

906. A robust scheme for the identification of centerlines of moiré fringes from optical experimental images

Paulius Palevičius, Antanas Sudintas, Algimantas Fedaravičius, Jūratė Ragulskienė

907. Maize and grass mixture silage compaction with centrifugal direct-action vibrator

         A. Jasinskas, V. Kučinskas, G. Viselga

908. Dynamic responses of an elastic beam moving over a simple beam using modal superposition method

Y. J. Wang, J. Shi, Y. Xia

909.  Low frequency and high intensity ultrasound in vascular surgery: theory, instrumentation and possibilities of clinical application

A. Bubulis, I. Adzerikho, D. Stepanenko, V. Minchenya, M. Valaika, V. Veikutis, A. Pranskūnas, R. Unikas, K. Morkūnaitė

910. Numerical modeling of fiber pull-out micromechanics in concrete matrix composites

O. Kononova, V. Lusis, A. Galushchak, A. Krasnikovs, A. Macanovskis

911. A quantitative diagnosis method for rolling element bearing using signal complexity and morphology filtering

Kuosheng Jiang, Guanghua Xu, Lin Liang, Guoqiang Zhao, Tangfei Tao

912. Dynamic study of transportation containers with packages

Kazimieras Ragulskis, Laura Gegeckienė, Edmundas Kibirkštis, Valdas Miliūnas, Lina Zubrickaitė, Arvydas Pauliukas, Liutauras Ragulskis

913. Optimization of the rocket’s nose and nozzle design parameters in respect to its aerodynamic characteristics

A. Fedaravičius, S. Kilikevičius, A. Survila

914. Application of accelerometry in the research of human body balance

A. Kilikevičius, D. Malaiškaitė, P. Tamošauskas, V. Morkūnienė, D. Višinskienė, R. Kuktaitė

915. Experimental investigation of dynamics of bearings with adaptive hydrodynamic elements under external effects

A. Čereška, R. Maskeliunas


Journal Announcement: “Journal of Measurements in Engineering”

Public Establishment “Vibroengineering”