916. Genetic algorithm for Lagrangian support vector machine optimization and its application in diagnostic practice

Liangmin Li, Guangrui Wen, Jingyan Ren, Xiaoni Dong

917. Finite element model updating using base excitation response function

Qingguo Fei, Dong Jiang, Dahai Zhang, Xiaolin Han

918. A study on the nonlinear vibration of the generator rotor based on the unbalanced electromagnetic force and the oil film force coupling model

Guoyuan Zhang, Junchao Wei, Haizhou Huang, Miao Zhou

919. Strain mode based damage assessment for plate like structures

Ye Xia, Haiying Ma, Dan Su

920. Design and analysis of a novel eddy current damper based on three-dimensional transient analysis

Tian He, Denghong Xiao, Xiandong Liu, Yingchun Shan

921. Calculation of mechanical stresses in adjoint system of electronic component and compound and strength assessment

V. Royzman, S. Petrashchuk, I. Kovtun, A. Lokoshchenko

922. A study for the influence of human behavior on a safety marking of electrical machines

Masashi Okada, Shigeki Toyama

923. Fatigue reliability evaluation technique using probabilistic stress-life method for stress range frequency distribution of a steel welding member

Yeonsoo Park, Dae-Hung Kang

924. An investigation on helical gear pair stresses incorporating misalignment and detail modification

Kuo Jao Huang, Ching Ya Su

925. Design and dynamic modeling of piezoelectric laser beam shutters

R. Bansevicius, S. Navickaite, V. Jurenas, G. Kulvietis, I. Tumasoniene

926. High quality simulation of the effects of underwater detonation impact

Andrzej Grzadziela, Lukasz Muslewski

927. Vibrating a small plate vortex generator to improve control robustness of a micro aerial delta wing vehicle

Arkadiusz Mystkowski, Rafal Jastrzebski

928. Identification of parameter matrices using estimated FRF variation

Jin Bong Kim, Hee-Chang Eun

929. Vibrational control of air suspension system using PID controller

K. Prabu, J. Jancirani, Dennie John, B. Arun

930. Delamination detection in composite beams using a transient wave analysis method

Yongming Feng, Jianyuan Yang, Weidong Chen

931. Application of vibration signal Kalman filtering to fault diagnostics of engine exhaust valve

Andrzej Puchalski, Iwona Komorska

932. Weld control possibilities in arc welding

S. Baskutis

933. Development of ultrasonic motor with a coil type stator and its application to vascular endoscope

S. Toyama, T. Kaga, Y. Furukawa

934. Study on forced vibration behavior of adhesively bonded single-lap joint

Xiaocong He

935. A sensor instrumentation method for dynamic monitoring of railway bridges

D. Bacinskas, Z. Kamaitis, A. Kilikevicius

936. Extraction of operation characteristics in mechanical systems using genetic morphological filter

Jing Wang, Qing Zhang, Guanghua Xu

937. NiSi and Ni(Pd)Si as possible interconnect and electrode materials for film bulk acoustic resonators and microelectromechanical systems

Aliaksandra Karabko, Egidijus Dragasius

938. Experimental study on parameter identification of rubber-bearings based on quadratic sum-squares error

Li Yang, Zhou Li

939. Simulation of wave propagation in plate structures by using new spectral element with piezoelectric coupling

Feng Wang, Xinwei Wang, Zhaohui Feng

940. Magnetic equivalent circuit model of surface type fractional-slot permanent magnet synchronous generator

Y. Oner, I. Senol, N. Bekiroglu, E. Aycicek

941. Dislocation avalanches and strain bursts in the boards of electronic equipment

A. Bogorosh, N. Visniakov, J. Novickij, A. Bubulis, V. Roizman

942. Analysis of planned motion trajectories for scalable micro-robots

Ramutis Bansevicius, Asta Drukteiniene, Genadijus Kulvietis, Vytautas Bakanauskas

943. A two-step method for determination of mode order in structural damage identification

Qingguo Fei, Dong Jiang, Xiaolin Han, Shaoqing Wu

944. Update of FRF matrix and physical parameters of finite element model

Eun-Taik Lee, Kijong Kim, Hee-Chang Eun

945. Experimental research of dynamic damping of lateral vibrations of a rigid cantilever beam

S. Polukoshko, O. Kononova, I. Schukin, R. Smirnova

946. Optimization of characteristics of multilayer spherical control joint-hinge stiffness

V. Gonca, S. Polukoshko, J. Shvab, A. Boiko

947. The dynamic stability of a stepped cantilever beam with attachments

Wojciech Sochacki

948. Investigation of the stability of fluctuations in electrocardiography data

Dovile Karaliene, Zenonas Navickas, Agne Slapsinskaite, Alfonsas Vainoras

949. A distributed and low-order GPS/SINS algorithm of flight parameters estimation for unmanned vehicle

Jiandong Guo, Pinqi Xia, Yanguo Song

950. Fault diagnosis of mechanical drives under non stationary conditions based on manifold learning of kernel mapping

Lin Liang, Dan Liu, Guangrui Wen, Guanghua Xu, Yizhuo Zhang

951. Modeling and identification of the dynamic behavior of stranded wire helical springs

Yu Zhao, Shilong Wang, Jie Zhou, Chuan Li, Cheng Cheng

952. Nonlinear vibrations of beams with spring and damping delayed feedback control

Canchang Liu, Jinhao Qiu, Huiyu Sun, Zaihua Wang, Hongli Ji

953. Vibration-based damage identification in composite circular plates using polar discrete wavelet transform

Andrzej Katunin

954. Investigation of damage detection in blade root joints of a 100 kW wind turbine using frequency tracking

Mohammad Sheibani, Ali Akbar Akbari

955. Mathematical vibration modeling for an electrostatic precipitator system

Ji-Hyun Choi, Je-Hoon Kim, Byoung-Duk Lim, Jin-Ho Kim

956. Research on isolation property of prestressed thick rubber bearings

Lihua Zou, Kai Huang, Yu Rao, Run Guo, Zhixu Xu

957. Numerical investigation on seismic performance of base-isolation for Rigid Frame Bridges

Bin Yan, Ye Xia, Xiuli Du

958. Nonlinear vibration characteristics of a rotor system with pedestal looseness fault under different loading conditions

Hui Ma, Jing Huang, Suyan Zhang, Heqiang Niu

959. Mathematical modeling of oil transportation by pipelines using anti-turbulent additives

Marijonas Bogdevicius, Jolanta Januteniene, Kestutis Jonikas, Eleonora Guseinoviene, Mindaugas Draksas

960. Heart rhythm fluctuation in peloidotherapy

Giedre Taletaviciene, Kestutis Ramanauskas, Gediminas Jarusevicius, Alfonsas Vainoras

961. Modeling, identification and active vibration control of a funnel-shaped structure used in MRI throat

Atta Oveisi, Mohammad Gudarzi, Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadi, Alireza Doosthoseini

962. On-board diagnostics of mechanical defects of the vehicle drive system based on the vibration signal reference model

Iwona Komorska, Andrzej Puchalski

963. Discrete wavelet transform and artificial neural network for gearbox fault detection based on acoustic signals

Mohammad Reza Asadi Asad Abad, Hojat Ahmadi, Ashkan Moosavian, Meghdad Khazaee, Mohammad Ranjbar Kohan, Masoud Mohammadi

964. A new structural wave number method to measure the dynamic characteristic parameters of viscoelastic damping material

Zhi-Hong Liu, He-Ye Xiao

965. Automatic artifacts removal from epileptic EEG using a hybrid algorithm

Jing Wang, Qing Zhang, Yizhuo Zhang, Guanghua Xu

966. The research on a novel levitation stage using ultrasonic and aerodynamic driving method

Xiao-Tao Li, Guan Xu, Jian-Fang Liu, Ramesh K. Agarwal, Hai Jiang, Timothy J. Wray

967. Expert knowledge based approach for automatic sorting and packing

Vidas Raudonis, Arunas Lipnickas, Agne Paulauskaite-Taraseviciene, Lionginas Paulauskas, Algimantas Balcius, Saulius Paulauskas

Book Review: Series of Books "Safety Diagnostics"

Editor: V. V. Klyuev Reviewer: B. Artiomiev

Journal Announcement: "Journal of Measurements in Engineering"

Public Establishment "Vibroengineering"

International Conference Vibroengineering - 2013