968. Using continuous wavelet transform of generalized flexibility matrix in damage identification

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969. Influence of surface run-out on disc brake squeal

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970. Modelling of the ground motion of the maximum probable earthquake and its impact on buildings, Vilnius city

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972. Numerical simulation and manifold learning for the vibration of molten steel draining from a ladle

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973. Analysis of exhaust muffler with micro-perforated panel

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975. An analytical model to determine fundamental frequency of rectangular plate having rectangular array of circular perforations

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976. Incipient fault diagnosis of roller bearings using empirical mode decomposition and correlation coefficient

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977. A damage index based damage recognition and localization algorithm of high accuracy

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978. Mathematical model evaluation and parameter identification of pipe holder element

Marius Malcius

979. Compatible seismogram simulation at near source site using Multi-Taper Spectral Analysis approach (MTSA)

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980. An experimental and numerical study on structural dynamic stress of a landing gear

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981. Lamb wave mode conversion-based crack detection for plate-like structures without baseline information

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982. A simple method to reduce torque ripple and mechanical vibration in direct torque controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor

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983. New mathematical model for examination of cervical cancer by using diffusion–weighted magnetic resonance imaging

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E. Tertel

985. Two-dimensional approximately harmonic projection for gait recognition

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986. Performance evaluation of Compass dual-mode receiver

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987. Study on control strategy of the rotary synchronous fixed-length cutting system

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988. A new algorithm for finding the k shortest transport paths in dynamic stochastic networks

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989. Performance evaluation of real-time indoor positioning with active RFID and ZigBee-based WSN systems

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990. Approach to health monitoring and assessment of rolling bearing

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991. Application of EMD-AR and MTS for hydraulic pump fault diagnosis

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992. An approach to health assessment for tools in milling machine

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993. Study of vibratory stress relief effect of quartz flexible accelerometer with FEA method

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994. Wave displacement of rigid bodies and particles

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995. Verification of bee algorithm based path planning for a 6DOF manipulator using ADAMS

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996. The defect detection in ceramic materials based on wavelet analysis by using the method of impulse noise

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997. Adaptive sequential nonlinear LSE for structural damage tracking with incomplete measurements

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998. Optimization of cutting parameters using multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition

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999. Active vibration control of smart structural system using a novel control approach

Ming-Hui Lee

1000. Damage detection of rubber-bearing isolated building based on AEKF approach

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1001. Analytical and experimental studies of pneumatic vibration exciter in inertia vibroabrasive machining of parts based on beryllium oxide

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1002. Dynamic characteristics of joint surface considering friction and vibration factors based on fractal theory

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1003. An improved Bayesian inference model for auto healing of concrete specimen due to a cyclic freeze-thaw experiment

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1004. Study on dynamical characteristics of misalign-rubbing coupling fault dual-disk rotor-bearing system

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1005. Pounding of adjacent buildings considering pile-soil-structure interaction

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1006. Effect of different muscle temperature on human kinematic characteristics

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1007. Kinetic analysis of a multi-rope friction mine hoist under overload conditions

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1008. Nonlinear transient engagement characteristics of planetary gear train

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1009. Application of improved support vector machine regression analysis for medium- and long-term vibration trend prediction

Xiangyang Jin, Zhihui Sun, Heteng Wang, Feipeng Wang, Qingwu Yan

1010. Effect of resultant velocity of sandy water on interactive erosion and cavitation wears

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1011. Automatic detection of epileptic slow-waves in EEG based on empirical mode decomposition and wavelet transform

Lili Li, Guanghua Xu, Jing Wang, Xiaowen Cheng

1012. Dynamic analysis and design of V-shape plates under blast loading

Amin Paykani, Mehrdad Khosravi, Mohammad-Ali Saeimi-Sadigh, Mehdi Mahmoudi-Kaleibar

1013. Optimization of a passenger occupied seat with suspension system exposed to vertical vibrations using genetic algorithms

Amir Afkar, Ilghar Javanshir, Mohammad Taghi Ahmadian, Hossein Ahmadi

1014. Correlation between shear wave velocity and cone resistance of Quaternary glacial clayey soils defined by Seismic Cone Penetration Test (SCPT), Lithuania

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1016. The comparison of diagnostic features between the vertical and horizontal axis rotors

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1017. Spatial performance of skewed continuous rigid-frame bridges based on finite element analysis

Haiying Ma, Xin Ruan, Xuefei Shi, Biao Wei

1018. Wireless sensor integration for bridge model health monitoring

Chengyin Liu, Xianyin He

1019. Numerical simulation of a bridge-subgrade transition zone due to moving vehicle in Shuohuang heavy haul railway

Chengfei Yin, Biao Wei

1020. Dynamic loading and stress analysis on crankshaft of reciprocating mud pump

Bin Peng, Hongsheng Zhang

1021. Research and development of piezoelectric active supports for precise shafts

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1022. Investigation of novel design piezoelectric bending actuators

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1023. Development, analysis and control of a spherical aerial vehicle

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