1024. Finding Chebyshev series periodic solutions of nonlinear vibration systems via optimization method

Wei Zhou, Jinglong Han, Quanlong Chen

1025. Combustion timing variability in a light boosted controlled auto-ignition engine with direct fuel injection

Jacek Hunicz, Michal Geca, Andrzej Rysak, Grzegorz Litak, Pawel Kordos

1026. Mathematical modeling of stepping motor and vibration torque mechanism research on its different operations

Hao Zhao, Hao Feng

1027. Impact of whole body vibration on balance improvement in elderly women

Vilma Dudoniene, Rasa Sakaliene, Ligija Svediene, Daina Kazlauskiene, Jan Szczegielniak, Grazina Krutulyte

1028. A thermodynamics coupled modeling approach for analysis and improvement of high-speed motorized spindle system

Zhouping Wu, Beizhi Li, Jianguo Yang, Xia Sheng

1029. Estimation of shell radiation efficiency using a FEM-SmEdA algorithm

Qiao Y., Chen H. B., Luo J. L.

1030. Fault diagnosis method using support vector machine with improved complex system genetic algorithm

Qingyu Yang, Di Zhang, Jian Zhuang, Fengwei Sun, Jing Wang

1031. Noise reduction for ultrasonic Lamb wave signals by empirical mode decomposition and wavelet transform

Xiao Chen, Jing Li

1032. A new transient field balancing method of a rotor system based on empirical mode decomposition

Guangrui Wen, Tingpeng Zang, Yuhe Liao, Lin Liang

1033. Effects of guide vane thickness on pressure pulsation of mixed-flow pump in pumped-storage power station

Wei Li, Weidong Shi, Yandong Xu, Ling Zhou, Pingping Zou

1034. A sample-driven classification and identification method with KPCA and multi-SVM

Xiangyang Jin, Zhihui Sun, Xiangyi Guan, Tiefeng Zhang, Ming Pang, Hanlin Yang

1035. The influence of viscous liquid to the propagation of torsional wave in pipes

Yongming Feng, Yong Yan, Jianyuan Yang, Weidong Chen

1036. Thermal-hydraulic modelling and analysis of hydraulic damper for impact cylinder with large flow

Y. Guo, C. P. Liu, B. W. Luo

1037. Decoupling the aliased spectra of rolling bearing with multispeed multiple frequency correlation

Zhongqiu Wang, Zhencai Zhu, Wei Li

1038. Adaptive input estimation method and fuzzy robust controller combined for active cantilever beam structural system vibration control

Ming-Hui Lee

1039. Extension of piecewise exact solution method for two- and three-dimensional fluid flows

Hyoseob Kim, Jongsup Ahn, Changhwan Jang, Jaeyoull Jin, Byungsoon Jung

1040. Research on touchdown performance of soft-landing system with flexible body

Jinbao Chen, Hong Nie, Wei Bo

1041. Parameter optimization and active vibration suppression control in gyroscopic system

Zhihuan Zhang, Sultan A. Q. Siddiqui, Chao Hu

1042. Study of vibration characteristics of the short thin cylindrical shells and its experiment

Zhong Luo, Ning Sun, Yu Wang, Kai Zhang, Qingkai Han

1043. Design and test on ultrasonic compound synchronizing micro-fine electrical machining system

Zhu Yongwei, Su Nan, Zhen Dongzhi

1044. Effects of the dynamic vehicle-road interaction on the pavement vibration due to road traffic

Zheng Lu, Hailin Yao

1045. Vibration of flexible rotor systems with two-degree-of-freedom PID controller of active magnetic bearings

Z. X. Zhong, C. S. Zhu

1046. Blades rubs and looseness detection in gas turbines – operational field experience and laboratory study

Leong M. S., Lim Meng Hee

1047. Redesigning components of power transmission according to numerical model and vibration diagnostics

Predrag Jovančić, Šefket Ćelović, Dragan Ignjatović, Taško Maneski

1048. Precise finite element modeling and analysis of dynamics of linear rolling guideway on supporting direction

Wei Sun, Xiangxi Kong, Bo Wang

1049. Characterization of the dynamic interaction between chassis and powertrain of a vehicle using the coupling matrix

Ali El Hafidi, Alexandre Loredo, Bruno Martin

1050. Passive reduction of system vibrations to the desired amplitude value

Andrzej Dymarek, Tomasz Dzitkowski

1051. Detailed analysis of drum brake squeal using complex eigenvalue analysis

Pevec Miha, Oder Grega, Potrč Iztok, Šraml Matjaž

1052. Ensemble learning-based intelligent fault diagnosis method using feature partitioning

Yongsheng Zhu, Xiaoran Zhu, Jing Wang

1053. Identification of joint parameters using FRF based decoupling

Hee-Chang Eun, Eun-Taik Lee, Jae-Oh Koo

1054. A hybrid objective function for damage identification via imperialistic competitive algorithm (ICA)

Mehdi Masoumi, Ehsan Jamshidi, Mahdi Bamdad

1055. Optimal time delay control for nonlinear vibration of single walled carbon nano-tube on elastic medium

Canchang Liu, Chuanbo Ren, Lu Liu, Lijun Li

1056. A fast algorithm for calculation of random response of elastic thin plate under distributed random load

Jiang Jinhui, Chen Guoping, Zhang Fang

1057. Power tiller vibration acceleration envelope curves on transportation mode

Hossein Ahmadian, Seyed Reza Hassan-Beygi, Barat Ghobadian

1058. Coupling vibration analysis of auger drilling system

Songyong Liu, Xinxia Cui, Xiaohui Liu

1059. Study on the vibration effect on operation subway induced by blasting of an adjacent cross tunnel and the reducing vibration techniques

Xinghua Li, Yuan Long, Chong Ji, Mingshou Zhong, Huabing Zhao

1060. Lamb wave temperature compensation method based on adaptive filter ADALINE network

Lei Qiu, Shenfang Yuan, Tianxiang Huang

1061. Numerical research on rub-impact fault in a blade-rotor-casing coupling system

Hui Ma, Xingyu Tai, Heqiang Niu, Rongze Song

1062. A spring dashpot model for dynamic analysis of beam-like structure with clearance

Bing Li, Wei Jin, Luofeng Han, Hongrui Cao, Zhengjia He

1063. Seismic performance of a rolling-damper isolation system

Biao Wei, Ruibo Cui, Gonglian Dai

1064. Conversion and its deviation control of electric switch machine of high speed railway turnout

Rong Chen, Ping Wang, Hao Xu

1065. Identification of piecewise linear aeroelastic systems

Zhitao Li, Jinglong Han, Haiwei Yun

1066. A self-adaptive alarm method for tool condition monitoring based on Parzen window estimation

Xiaoguang Chen, Guanghua Xu

1067. Performance assessment of hydraulic servo system based on bi-step neural network and autoregressive model

Chen Lu, Hang Yuan, Laifa Tao, Hongmei Liu

1068. The diagnosis of rolling bearing based on the parameters of pulse atoms and degree of cyclostationarity

Xinqing Wang, Huijie Zhu, Dong Wang, Yang Zhao, Yanfeng Li

1069. Nonlinear behavior analysis of Z-source DC/DC converter based on current control

Chen Yan, Zheng Yong

1070. The vibrostabilization optimization of a sorting arm structure

Tao Liu, Bin Li, Shuting Wang, Kuanmin Mao

1071. Dynamic stability analysis on large wind turbine blade under complicated offshore wind conditions

J. P. Zhang, D. L. Li, Y. Han, D. M. Hu, J. X. Ren

1072. Information exergy-based method for structural damage diagnosis

Bin Zhang, Lijun Zhang, Jinwu Xu, Jian Liu

1073. Dynamics study of the carrier HMMWV M1151

A. Fedaravičius, V. Jonevičius, A. Survila, A. Pincevičius