JVE International is established in Kaunas, Lithuania and is the Publisher of International research journals and the Organizer of International Conferences. 

The flagship of JVE International is The  Journal of VIBROENGINEERING (JVE), ISSN 1392-8716 – a prestigious International research journal specializing in theoretical and practical aspects of Vibration Engineering.  It is indexed in:

And though the first inaugural issue of JVE has been published in 1999, the history of Vibroengineering dates back to 1963-ies – when the Research Center VIBROTECHNIKA was established in Kaunas. VIBROTECHNIKA was the Alma Mater for 300+ doctors and professors in mechanical engineering & vibration technology – who are now spread all over the World.

Since 1999 JVE International is the Organizer of a series of International Conferences which attract speakers from more than 30 around globe. From 2013 till 2015, International Conferences on Vibroengineering were organized at two different locations - one in Europe - another in the Far East. Such venue localization helped our Authors to minimize their travel costs and benefit to the Internalization of our Conference Series.

In 2015, two conferences had been organized: one in Nanjing, China and the other one in Katowice, Poland. Conference in Nanjing, China gathered more than 100 scientists from many Universities in China, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, Canada and Colombia. While the 2nd conference in Poland, Katowice attracted scientists from Dubai, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Japan, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania and Poland. 

In 2016, JVE International Conferences will be organised in 4 different locations: Brno, Czech RepublicMoscow, RussiaIstanbul, Turkey; and Shanghai, China. We are looking forward to new locations for our International Conferences in the future. 

International Conferences on Vibroengineering attracts the attention from many leading academic and industrial organizations:

Main Partners for conferences in 2016, Brno, Czech RepublicMoscow, RussiaIstanbul, Turkey; and Shanghai, China

The conference in Guiyang 2014 was supported by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, IEEE Reliability Society, International Federation IFTOMM, State Key Laboratory on Reliability & Environmental Engineering at Beijing, Beihang University and Shanghai Yikun Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd.    


While Vibroengineering Conference in Katowice 2014 was supported by Polish Academy of Sciences, Silesian University of Technology, Society for Experimental Mechanics Inc., Envibra Test and Measurement Ltd. and EC Test Systems Ltd.