JVE International announces the call for nominations for KAZIMIERAS RAGULSKIS Award.


KAZIMERAS RAGULSKIS Award is an annual Award presented to the best paper published in Journal of VIBROENGINEERING during the previous year.  


The Award is presented to the team of co-authors of the selected best paper. 


The Award will be presented at one of the International Conferences on VIBROENGINEERING. One of the co-authors will be invited to give a key-note lecture presenting the nominated paper during the opening ceremony of the Conference. 


The Award Selection Committee is formed from the members of the Editorial Board of Journal of VIBROENGINEERING. The Committee will be in charge of selecting the recipient of the Award based on the collected nominations. 


All registered authors (having a user name and a password) at the JVE Editorial System (www.jvejournals.com) can nominate a potential paper for the Award. Self-nominations will be ignored. 


The deadline for submitting a nomination for the Award is 15-th of April. Only papers published in the Journal during the previous year can be nominated. The nominations can be submitted online at http://www.jvejournals.com/awards


The Award comprises a special commemorating certificate and a silver-plated Award medal. One of the co-authors of the selected paper (presenting a key-note speech at the JVE Conference) will be waived from the Conference Registration Fee and the Hotel Accommodation Fee. 


All awarded papers will be permanently highlighted in the JVE website. 


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